Dewalt DWE7480 Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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This DeWalt Compact Jobsite table saw features a 10” blade with site-pro modular guarding system and has a ripping capability of a 24-1/2” rip. This big capacity allows ripping of large wooden materials in an easy way. In fact, it is smooth enough even at tilts.

Fused with a 15-amp 4800 rpm motor, the DeWalt Compact Jobsite table saw can quickly rip through any material and the blade, being a 24-tooth table saw carbide blade efficiently enhances the cutting qualities of the saw, and is able to be titled from 0-45 degrees for the bevel system.

For most woodworkers, be they an amateur or a professional, the table saw is one of the key tools for their work shops and is usually the starting point of their many projects.

A most wanted table saw needs to be multi-purpose, and tasks such as ripping, tilting, cross cutting and preparing the sheet material should be a given. Those few basic operations make the table saw an indispensable part of their workshops; thus, you need to choose the correct table saw suitable for their workshops.

A great table saw provides quicker productivity and higher degree of quality of finished products. A good say needs to have some essential capabilities, such as strength, expandability and longevity, storage capacity and perfect sense of accuracy.

Here are a few important things to know about before deciding to purchase a table saw.

Falling, tilting and raising capabilities of the blade

A woodworker needs a table saw suitable enough for their purposes, which is able to safely, securely, accurately do multiple kinds of woodcutting. That means that the table saw should feature components that allow you easy access to the tilting bevel system, and gives easy, quick and accurate adjustments, tilts and lockdowns.

Ripping fence and rails

Accurate ripping and smooth straight cutting both require a ripping fence, which is dependable and precise enough to cut through easily and accurately through plywood. A good table saw should then be sturdy and stable enough to give support to the wood piece, along with ensuring accuracy and smoothness in terms of blade and table by providing necessary adjustments.

Miter gauge and fence slots

Most of the table saws always comes with twin double slots, one on either side of the blade, allowing you to use the fence from either side. Table saws comes with fences, which are easily expandable and upgradable and these fences are definitely deemed necessary for a saw nowadays. One of the most notable feature is that the sliding of the fence allows cuts that are more accurate and rips along and through the plywood and hardwood pieces.

Features of the DeWalt DWE7480 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw (Discontinued)

Dust-collecting ports

This table saw features a large 2-1/2” dust-collecting port, allowing you to keep the table saw as clean and tidy as they can. The table saw can be connected to a shop vacuum and you can efficiently use it to collect all the dust.

Powerful motor

The 15-amp enhanced 4800 rpm motor is powerful enough to cut through any kind of material easily and quickly, be it thin sheets, which are able to be cut through in seconds, or large wood pieces as thick and hard like maple to be cut through efficiently, accurate and smoothly.

Large on-board accessory storage system

The table saw features a large on-board storage facility, within the reaches of your arms, and you are easily able to hold and store your tools inside the table saw, letting you be ready to work anywhere.

Site-pro modular guarding system

The site-pro modular guarding system allows you to easily switch the guarding capabilities of the blade as deemed necessary depending upon your work. This, combined with the anti-kickback ability of the table saw, gives the table saw enough safety measures for you to work quite without any worries of injury.


  • Compact portable jobsite table saw with a 10-inch blade featuring site-pro modular guarding system
  • Comes with rack and pinion telescope fencing system and rails allowing more accurate, quick and smooth fence adjustments
  • Large ripping capability of 24-1/2” allowing one to cut through larger shelving and trim hard materials
  • Solid T-Style fence with easily and firmly holds any plywood or wood piece with a heavy lockdown mechanism, preventing any slips of the material while cutting


The table saw features a sturdier blade, but the blade teeth are short and thin.


Many renowned builders and contract companies use the DeWalt DWE7480 table saw , since it comes from one of the most respectable and highly acclaimed company along with thousands of users, including many homeowners and carpenters.

This table saw comes as an enhancement to its sister table saw, the DW745, which was already one of their top-selling products. The saw blade is completely enhanced from the DW745 by giving it a thinner, but sturdier and harder composition. This allows you to work efficiently on the saw quickly and easily and the end product is a high-quality wooden craft. Don’t forget to have a look on Dewalt DWE7490X review as well.


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