DEWALT DWE7490X Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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DeWalt’s line of portable jobsite table saws is gaining ground over its competing products because of their above-average durability and functionality combined with reasonable prices. The DeWalt DWE7490X, a table saw with a 10-inch blade and a scissor stand, is actually the improved version of the DWE7480, especially in terms of its cutting capacity.


Keep in mind that the DeWalt DWE7490X is a portable table saw so there are certain benefits and limitations to its use. Don’t forget to have a look on Bosh 4100-09 review too.

DEWALT 10-Inch Portable Table Saw with Scissor Stand (DWE7490X)

Table with scissor stand, storage and dust collection 

The table measures 26¼ x 22 inches so it’s suitable for use in smaller jobs at a construction site or in a DIY workshop. But for larger materials, another work table will be needed or the material can be cut first to more manageable pieces.

There’s also an onboard storage for the blade guard, as well as for the wrench, riving knife, miter gauge, and anti-kickback knives. It’s a convenient feature in jobsites where people may place the table saw’s accessories anywhere else without the storage area.

The steel scissor stand seems strong and stable enough for the smaller tasks. But a few users were also uncomfortable because it doesn’t seem durable enough for larger sheet materials.  There’s also the issue of the time-consuming step of installing the carriage bolts, which could be avoided with another mechanism.

But the scissor stand is a great feature for portability and storage purposes. You may also strengthen the frame by welding added frames, in case the table saw will be placed in a single area only.

There are two dust ports, which may seem convenient until you find that the smaller dust port on top of the blade can be challenging to install and can interfere with your woodcutting task. The larger port at the rear of the saw is more effective – it collects 80% or so of the wood dust – and is easier to connect to a vacuum.

15-amp motor with faster speeds

In comparison with previous DeWalt models, the DWE7490X has a 15-amp motor with speeds of up to 4,800 revolutions per minute (rpm). The high-torque motor doesn’t seem to overheat easily even when used for prolonged periods on thicker and denser woods. The faster blade speed also improved the saw’s ripping quality albeit not as much as should be expected.

When used properly, it can cut up to 3 1/8 inches at a 90-degree angle and 2 ¼ inches at a 45-degree angle. Aside from the ultra-sharp blade, the rack and pinion fence rails contribute to the saw’s highly satisfactory overall performance including its precision.

The easy-to-adjust fence stays parallel to the blade while the rails located on the saw’s front and back prevents the fence from drifting while in use.  The miter gauge is relatively easy to use, as well as being useful for cross-cutting jobs, albeit with a minor issue or two.

The flip-over fence is also a cool feature for two reasons. First, it allows the user to cut the material without getting in the way of the blade guard so the latter can stay in place; otherwise, it has to be removed before making the cut.

Second, it can be locked securely into its lower position so the work piece can be supported. Cutting or ripping the material will then yield more accurate results.

And speaking of ripping, the DWE7490X can rip up to 28.5 inches wide – and only the DWE7491RS beats it in this aspect. Such a capacity means that the saw can easily and quickly cut through a wide range of larger trim and shelving materials.

Tool-free adjustments

Turning the DWE7490X on and off is also convenient, thanks to the large on/off switch with its safety cover. The latter should be lifted up before the switch can be turned on while the bump pad makes it easy to turn off.

DeWalt table saws are usually designed with the brand’s Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. Basically, it allows the user to perform adjustments without using additional tools on the guarding components.

With these features, the DWE7490X table saw is suitable for multiple applications including:

  • Ripping filler boards and floor boards
  • Ripping and crosscutting materials for furniture and framing lumber
  • Railing purposes

The box comes with the table saw including its 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade, folding scissor stand, miter gauge, and push stick.


  • Powerful 15-amp motor with high-torque capacity with sharp blade
  • Suitable for a wide range of woodworking uses
  • Plenty of safety features for a basic table saw
  • No tools needed for adjustments
  • Portable with a relatively small footprint
  • Covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


Scissor stand may be unable to hold larger and heavier materials

Who it is best for

The DWE7490X is popular among cabinet installers, trim carpenters, hardwood floor installers, deck builders, and remodelers.  Both DIY enthusiasts and veterans in woodworking will find it useful, too.


The DeWalt DWE7490X is a fairly powerful table saw with plenty of useful and practical features for an affordable price. The 15 amp motor can easily rip through hardwood trim, framing lumber, and rip sheet stock, among other framing and finishing tasks.  Yes, we definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a jobsite table saw that can withstand DIY tasks. For more best table saw reviews, read here.


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