Ridgid R4516 Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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The Ridgid brand is popular among DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, and general contractors because of their product’s affordable and satisfactory quality. The No products found. is one such Ridgid product with a satisfactory price-to-quality ratio.


The Ridgid R4516 table saw’s main advantage lies in its portable and practical design.

No products found.

Table with wheeled base

The table itself has a durable steel tubing frame that can withstand several years of proper and regular use. Be sure not to push too hard on it because the table can only take so much force before it collapses under the weight. The frame also supports the unit’s cabinet housing that protects the saw’s parts when it’s not in use.

The unit also comes with a wheeled base – the sturdy wheels measure 6 inches – so it’s easier and faster to transfer from one jobsite to the next.  The retractable handle also aids in fast transport and storage.

The table’s surface itself can accommodate small and large sheet materials although another work table may be necessary for larger pieces.

Dual-locking rip fence

Getting accurate cuts can be tricky with table saws. But with R4516’s dual-locking rip fence, which allows clamping the material on the table’s front and rear parts, it’s easier.  But it’s always a good idea to follow the carpenter’s adage – measure twice, cut once – because a table saw is just a tool regardless of the accuracy-related measures incorporated in it.

With sharp blade and its safety features 

The blade, of course, is among the sharpest in the business so it can cut through thick wood, both hardwood and softwood, dry or wet, perhaps even frozen. The trick is in choosing the right angle and placement so that the wood can be effectively cut or ripped.

The blade guard, a must-have safety feature in table saws, can be installed and replaced without tools. Just use the lever switch when installing or changing it.  The split blade guard is also designed with a modular battier system, which adds to the unit’s overall safety while in use.

The anti-kickback pawls allows for the safe installation and removal independent of the unit’s blade guard. Even the integrated riving knife and spreader can be easily converted, such as from a spreader to a riving knife for jobs requiring non-through cuts.

The size of the on/off switch in a table saw may seem like a trivial matter but in table saws with ultra-sharp blades, it’s a crucial detail. The Ridgid R4516 has a large switch that aids in safely turning it on and off, aside from allowing for quick reactions in case of a possible cutting emergency.

With miter gauge

Cutting wood demands precision – and the R4516 satisfactorily delivers on it. The miter gauge aids in more accurate measurements because it doesn’t wobble too much, while the engraved numbers are large so these can be easily seem. Such feature ensures that there’s no losing sight of your desired cutting angle.

With dust collection feature

Despite its affordable price, the R4516 has a relatively decent dust collecting capability. Just remember that since the table saw isn’t completely enclosed, there will be dust around your work area, but it should be easy to clean with a portable vacuum.

The table also has onboard storage for the accessories that comes with it as a package. The push stick, miter gauge, and power cord can be stored in it, which makes for a safe workplace and convenient transport.

The package comes with the table saw for mounting on its wheeled base, as well as the tool-less blade guard, carbide-tipped blade, rip fence, miter gauge, anti-kickback pawls, push guard, and blade wrenches. Many veteran woodworkers may add to the accessories but DIY enthusiasts usually find these accessories sufficient for their projects.


  • Relatively powerful motor coupled with ultra-sharp blades
  • Strong and stable wheeled base
  • Easy to transport with retractable handle and wheels
  • Versatile uses for home improvement and construction projects
  • Fairly accurate with little to no run-out on its blade
  • Comparatively quiet operation


  • Dust collection aspect needs improvement
  • Miter gauge may have small degree of play

Who it is best for

The Ridgid R4516 table saw is a great piece of equipment for entry-level DIY enthusiasts, although experienced woodworkers also find it useful as part of their mobile workshops.


The Ridgid R4516 is among the more affordable table saws on the market. Other top rated table saws are also available.  But don’t dismiss it as a cheap version of the more expensive table saws because it isn’t. There are plenty of practical features from the carbide-tipped blade and its blade guard to the large table with its wheeled base and accessories that make it a worthwhile investment.

But like all table saws, we always recommend proper care and maintenance of the No products found., especially when it’s used on a more regular basis at busy jobsites. The more it is used, the more likely that it can break down without regular maintenance. But again, we recommend it because it’s not just affordable, it’s also durable and practical for a wide range of uses. Don’t forget to have a look on WEN 3720 review.

No products found.

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