Bosh 4100-09 Review: Quality And Commendable Product

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The No products found. is a durable and accurate tool for a woodworker. This model from Bosh comes furnished with the latest innovative Smart Guard system, for safety measures. It has a robust sub-base with a SquareLock rip fence, which allows one to easily operate it using one hand only. It also comes with carry handles.

The SquareLock rip fence makes this an effective and precise table saw with a lot of features. This allows one to craft the products easily and quickly. The Smart Guard system comes with enhanced fully anti-kickback pawls and is located along the modular blade guard and a riving knife system – giving one top quality control and extensibility over the cutting material as they work and further giving them an optimal length of view and maximum safety measures.

Have you been wandering around shops to buy a best table saw and then got overwhelmed with all the choices available in the market? You are not alone. A table saw is an important tool for a woodworker and will be the backbone of his workshop. Here are some of the things to ponder about before buying a table saw: needs versus wants, space and safety measures.

  • Needs versus Wants

The very first task to determine what you need to do with the saw. Do you see yourself working with the thinner wooden boards? Then a saw with a large engine will not be very practical for you since a smaller engine will be a lot cheaper and will need less maintenance if it consists of ripping 1.0” or lesser thin board, then a 1.75 or 1.50 HP of motor in a table saw or a hybrid saw is adequate enough. Otherwise, one would require a 3 or 4 HP industrial strength motor, to rip down boards as thick as maple.

  • Space

If space is an issue in the workplace, like having the workshop be located in a basement or somewhere even smaller, then some saws can easily be knocked off the list because they will not fit in there. Saws, which are meant to rip down plywood, have a wide rip capacity, which requires a lot of space in front and the back of the saw.

  • Safety Measures

Table saws come with loads of safety features, but still they are inherently dangerous. One important improvement in the table saws is of the addition of a riving knife to help prevent any kickbacks. Some enhanced saws come with a flesh detection ability and stop as soon (in fact it is in milliseconds) as it detects any flesh involvement, letting anyone barely escape with more than a scratch only.

However, the best safety feature lies in the craftsman, and that is attentiveness. No matter how advanced or how highly patented the safety feature of a saw is, loss of focus can unfortunately lead to a loss of flesh.

No products found.


  • True Cuts, Reliable Output: Fused with the SquareLock Rip fence, this saw helps decrease the wood waste drastically, improving the cutting efficiency and at the same time maximizing the output.
  • Bigger Surface for Larger operation: With a square tabletop of the size of 29”x21-1/2”, this has a capacity for a 25” rip through the wood piece, providing an extended 40.5” width. Featuring a 4.0 HP motor with a no-load 3650 RPM motor, it easily provides plenty of muscle to be able to cut through larger and thicker pieces easily and efficiently.
  • Easy Set Up at Home: With its Gravity-Rise stand, it can easily be taken at rough terrain places easily, thanks to its 8” treaded pneumatic wheels. Even though the storage space is minimized due to the collapsible design, that in fact just makes it more compactable and portable. It also features a powder-coated finish for lasting longevity.
  • Rugged design: This is a saw that you can place on a tabletop, and it comes fabricated with aluminum, which gives this saw long lasting durability and great performance. Along with the sub base, which was built with durability in mind, the design makes the unit capable to take on any kind of hard abuse the woodworking job may dish out.


  • Designed with an innovative gravity-rise stand which allows it to be carried on any kind of terrain easily.
  • Portable and compactable construction makes it perfectly suitable for any work site.
  • Comes fitted with a high precision cutting edge saw of 10” with 3650 RPM, which is immensely strong for its size.
  • Cutting table can support up to 25” wide extension.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • With a rugged design on this table saw, it can be a little heavier compared to other table saws.


Having a rugged design and featuring convertible options to be compact and portable at the same time, the No products found. comes in as the Contractor table saws, which are more durable than a Jobsite table saw, and works even more efficiently.

It is also better than other jobsite saws since this one has multiple safety measures and can prevent any hard kickbacks from any sudden movements. This table saw has everything a woodworker will ever need, and thus is also a must have tool in a woodworker’s workshop. Don’t forget to have a look on how to use a table saw article.

No products found.

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