SawStop JSS-MCA Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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The biggest selling point of the SawStop company has always been their safety measures, since their focus is to ensure great safety towards its customers and this JSS-MCA Mobile cart does not fall short in safety measures and standards.

SawStop incorporates their very own unique braking system and technology, which ensures no slip through on wet or slippery floors. It also makes the user safer if they are doing any work with wet wood or nails. SawStop has incorporated clever bypassing technology for any harmless looking edges that may come with wet wood or nails.

This comes with an auto braking system, which you can easily override and switch to manual on a cut-to-cut basis. It also features a clever notification system allowing you to know if the cut you made would have triggered the brake or not. In addition, for portability, it comes with a foldable cartwheel system, which is easily foldable and extendable as per your needs.

Serious about woodworking? The most reliable product you would depend upon is the table saw. Some of the basic things you can do with a table saw are as crossing, ripping, mitering, beveling and compound cutting, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

More complex cutting techniques which makes very minute changes by just adding some various accessories, can widely expand its functionality and can provide the now advanced woodworking craftsman, which would be you, virtually limitless possibilities.

The first thing to understand is the difference between a simple saw and a table saw. Unlike a standard saw, the table saw attracts and pulls the material towards itself and thus results in a much cleaner and a more precise cut.

This is possible because of the assistance of the fence and miter gauge that helps and allows you to cut as straight or angled as you want it to be. Here are a few things you may want to know before buying the nearest jobsite saw.

Types of Table Saws

One of the factors distinguishing table saws is their portability factor, coming in huge ranges, from jobsite to bench-top table saws. Jobsite table saws, being as compact and portable, come with a mounted stand and usually have detachable transport wheels. This along with their folding capabilities make them ultra-portable and one of the best choices for a table saw.

Bench-top table saws do not come mounted on a stand or bench, but rely on the support of bench tops. However, they are still considered as compact and portable because of their small size and lesser weight, allowing you to easily carry it anywhere.

Constructor saws are jobsite table saws, but with a rugged and robust design.

Cabinet saws are the most powerful, heaviest and robust. However, there is another variety of table saw, being the hybrid, featuring aspects from cabinet and constructor saws in one.

Saw blades

Table saw blades are categorized based on the diameters, arbor size, number of saw teeth, kerf size, speed, applications, as well as the material used for the blade. Most commercial saws have 10” to 12” blades, while the portable ones have blades as small as 5 inches. On the other end of the spectrum, the cabinet saws feature a one-foot blade.


Table saws differ from each other based on the type and kind of motors they come with. Smaller compact table features direct-drive motors, operating on 120V circuits, and are able to produce up to 2 horsepower (HP), sufficient enough to cut through thinner boards. Powerful saws, often feature a motor ranging from 3-5 HP and are mostly stationary, although there are portable models too.

Features of the SawStop JSS-MCA Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

SawStop JSS-Mca Legacy Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

One-turn elevation

This boasts a small hand-wheel elevation system, which allows you to raise or lower the blade with just one turn, whereas other major branded products require several turns.

Quick and swift tilt

One-degree tilt option allows easy, quick and swift tilts to the saw, and you can easily adjust the tilts with its infinitely adjustable tilt system.

ErgoLock T-style lock

The Jobsite T-Glide Fence locking system smoothly slides and locks the wood into place. It can firmly hold and lock the material with its innovative ErgoLock system. The T-style design increases accuracy by squaring on the lockdown. It is also able to increase supportability with its extendable OnDemand shelf.

Onboard accessory storage

The onboard drawer gives you a place to store your precious accessories contained and protected from rusting, all ready to be used quickly whenever needed.


  • Stowed dimensions of 26-1/4” L x 28-3/4” W x 45” H with a continuous motor of 1.5 HP
  • One-turn elevation, allowing one to raise or lower the blade with one hand wheel turn
  • Infinitely adjustable tilt, with one-degree tilt allowing easy and swift angled cuts
  • Solid T-Style fence with ErgoLock, easily and firmly holds anything with a heavy lockdown mechanism, preventing any slips while cutting
  • Easy mobility with the intuitive extendable and foldable mobile cart


Does not come with any tools or accessories


A great and highly versatile product made by SawStop, this JSS-MCA Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart answers many woodworkers’ prayers. This is a quality product which is compact, portable and still able to work efficiently and effectively, wherever and whenever you need it. With its one-turn hand wheel blade-raising system, and its one degree infinite tilt system, this saw a must have for an advanced to highly advanced woodworker. Don’t forget to have a look on DeWalt DWE7491RS review too. For more best table saw reviews click here.


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