The Best Table Saw Brands To Buy Today

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A table saw is among the high-value pieces of equipment that woodworkers will buy for their home workshops and professional shops. These are crucial pieces of equipment for a wide range of tasks from making crosscuts on boards, making rips, and cutting panels to creating designs on wood stocks. These can also be used for cutting wood, plastics and aluminum, especially the sheet boards.

But which table saw brand should you buy? With more than a dozen manufacturers of table saws, making the right choice can partly boil down to choosing the more reliable brand. Let’s take a look at a few of the most trusted brands in table saws, among other power tools. Before that, have you seen our table saw buying guide? check it out.

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DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw (Discontinued)

When it comes to high-quality yet reasonably-priced power tools for the serious DIY hobbyists and professionals, the DeWalt brand is a popular name. The manufacturer of DeWalt tools, Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc., provides its target customers with a full range of table saws that will meet virtually every cutting need.

By the way, Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. DeWalt, which is also trademarked as DeWALT, refers to the world-famous brand of hand and power tools designed for the woodworking, manufacturing, and construction industries. Aside from table saws, there are also miter saws, reciprocating saws, circular saws, track saws, and jig saws sold under the brand.

Customers love the excellent quality, especially in terms of durability and functionality, of DeWalt table saws in comparison with their prices. The exceptional 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee that come with each DeWalt saw is also part of the appeal.

We highly recommend the DeWalt DWE7490X 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw with Scissor Stand for its durable construction, practical features, and reasonable price – truly, a table saw that offers great value for your money. The 15-amp motor powers a 10-inch carbide-tipped with a 28.5-inch rip capacity, which allows for cutting through hardwood materials.


Makita 2705 10' Table Saw

The Makita Corporation is also known for its wide range of power tools, which are made in numerous factories in the United States, as well as in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, and Canada, among other countries. For most of the power tools sold in North America, these are made in its Buford, Georgia manufacturing facilities so customers have the assurance of American-made quality, arguably the best in the world.

We also recommend the Makita 2705 10-inch Contractor Table Saw because of its heavy-duty construction. The 15-amp motor spins the ultra-sharp blade at 4,800 rpm, resulting in a large cutting capacity of 3-9/16 inches at a 90° and 2.5 inches at a 45° angle. The blade can also rip a 4x material in a single pass while the table saw itself is compatible with a 13/16 inch dado blade.


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The Ridgid brand is owned by the Ridge Tool Company, a company currently based in Elyria, Ohio that manufacturers and distributes hand and power tools. Founded in 1923 in North Ridgeville, Ohio, it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric since 1966.

The tools are made for the construction industries as well as for the pipe fitting, plumbing, and HVAC professions. There are more than 300 different hand and power tools sold under the Ridgid brand.

The Ridgid R4516 Table Saw comes highly recommended by serious hobbyists and professionals because of its powerful motor, durable carbide-tipped blades, and robust wheeled base that make it suitable for jobsites and home workshops. The relatively quiet operation combined with its moderate heavy-duty use also makes it a worthwhile investment.


WEN 3720 15A Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand, 10'

Founded by Nick Anton in 1951, WEN prides itself on being the trendsetter in the hand and power tools industry since its establishment. According to its people, the company was instrumental in the development of many of the technologies used in power tools including chainsaws, electric jigsaws, and electric soldering guns.

Among its bestselling consumer products is the line of table saws, which are characterized by their robust motors, strong blades, and stable bases, as well as their effective safety features. No wonder WEN is a brand that rings a bell among amateur and professional woodworkers.

The WEN 3720 table saw is a top-of-the-line product in its category without the expensive price usually associated with it. This comes with a rolling stand for portability as well as an impressive combination of a 15 amp motor with a 10-inch 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade rotating at 4400 RPM. The cumulative result: An impressive 26-inch rip capacity that can cut through boards nearly 4 inches thick.

Other well-known brands with high-quality table saws are Robert Bosch GmbH, a German multinational manufacturer of engineering and electronic products, and Irwin Industrial Tools, an American company also owned by Stanley Black & Decker.


While a brand name shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when you’re choosing hand and power tools, it’s a good place to start your search. You can look back at your own personal experiences with the hand and power tools with each brand and use them in making your buying decision. Do you want to know more about what is the best table saw? check out the article.

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